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One of the major goals of the AMLC is to support students in the wider Caribbean region in order to advance the next generation of marine research and encourage collaborative research across the Caribbean. The AMLC has two opportunities for students to receive resources and funding for their research.

The first is the Student Grants-in-Aid program which support research by AMLC student members working (but not necessarily permanently based) at AMLC member institutions. Find out more info here:


Student Grants-in-Aid

The second award category that the AMLC grants to students is for presentations given at the biennial scientific conferences. Find out more about presentation awards here: 


Student Presentation Awards

The last award category is travel grants for students to travel to Biennial scientific conferences. Students can apply for these grants if they plan to present in an AMLC scientific conference. The grants can help to cover travel, housing, and food. 


Student Travel Award Application Coming Soon