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Become an Institutional Member

Is your marine lab a member of the AMLC?  If not, it should be.

The AMLC is an umbrella organization currently comprised of over 40 marine labs in the Wider Caribbean.  The purpose of the Association is to foster cooperation, coordination, and information transfer among marine laboratories, scientists, students, policy makers, NGOs, communities, and local stake holders.  The Association endeavors to do this by:

  • Assisting and initiating cooperative research and education programs;
  • Providing for an exchange of scientific and technical information;
  • Fostering personal and official relations among members;
  • Cooperating with governments and other relevant organizations; and
  • Supporting student research.

Institutional Membership is open to marine laboratories and other institutions conducting marine education and research related to the Wider Caribbean environment

Affiliate Institutional Membership is open to marine laboratories with primary operations in geographic areas other than the Wider Caribbean Region ecosystem who wish to maintain a professional institutional relationship with the AMLC.  Affiliate Institutional Members may delegate a Liaison Officer to attend and participate in the Association’s Board Meeting deliberations on a non-voting basis.

Annual dues for Institutional Members are only $250 per year and for Affiliated Members are only $125 per year.

Applications for Institutional Membership are voted upon by the AMLC Board of Directors.  Board meetings at which new members are considered are generally held each year in person, however the board meets virtually at other times and will consider any completed new member applications during those virtual Board Meetings also.

Institutions wishing to submit an application for membership should write a letter of interest on institutional letterhead and signed by the Institution Director or Manager, requesting consideration for membership.  The letter should be accompanied by institutional brochures, flyers, or other pertinent information describing the institution’s purpose, organization, staffing, capabilities, and research activities.

Please email the letter of interest and supporting information to  Questions about the application process should be directed to Dr. Anna Becker, AMLC Membership Director.