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Current Committees

The AMLC operates through the work of its committees.  Below you can find short descriptions of the current committees and their members.  More than keeping the AMLC running, the committees provide an opportunity for Caribbean scientists to collaborate, develop their network, gain leadership skills, and have fun.

We are always looking for students and scientists to be part of our committees and advance the purpose and work of the AMLC. If you’re interested in participating or simply want to hear more about a committee’s activities, please feel free to email the Chair of the Communications Committee or a specific committee chair!


The Science Committee works with the host of the next Scientific Meeting to develop the themes, topics, and focus of the Scientific Meeting. The Committee shall work with the host to identify and invite topic chairs to organize specific oral sessions for the Scientific Meeting, and shall assist those chairs in developing, inviting, and organizing speakers for the various sessions of the Scientific Meeting. The Committee also develop procedures and time-lines to be used by Scientific Meeting hosts in planning the science portion of the meeting.

Chair – Vacant

Student Support

The Student Support Committee administers the Student Grants-in-Aid program as well as develops and judges the student presentation awards. Committee responsibilities include developing and refining applicant requirements, criteria, guidelines, and timelines; working with Institutional Members to expand the number of participating members; defining and expanding in-kind contributions provided by host Institutional Members; developing reporting requirements for the awardees; and publicizing the programs in order to generate more student applicants. The Committee chooses the most worthy award candidates and recommends those to the full Executive Board for approval.

Chair – Dr. James Fourqurean (
Committee Members
Dr. Heidi Hertler
Dr. Clare Morrall

Meeting Planning

The Meeting Planning Committee works with the Officers to identify, plan, and stage the AMLC’s biennial Scientific Meeting.  These meetings are held around the Greater Caribbbean, hosted by an AMLC Institutional Member, and provide a premier opportunity for marine scientists and marine science students to come together to hear what is happening in Caribbean marine science, to collaborate with fellow students and scientists, and to develop professional relationships that last a lifetime.

Committee Members
Dr. David Zawada
Victor Galvan
Dr. Mark Freeman

Website & Software

The Membership Software and Website Committee maintains and updates the AMLC website, and manages the AMLC membership database.

Chair – Dr. David Zawada (
Committee Members
Haley Oleynik
Dr. Anna Becker
Nina Oleynik


The Publications Committee works with the Editor of the Proceedings and the President of the Scientific Meeting to ensure that the Proceedings are of the highest quality and published as soon as possible after the Scientific Meeting.

Chair – Dr. Ernesto Weil (


The Communications Committee works with the Officers and with the other committees to assist in publicizing the goals and activities of the AMLC by communicating with members through emails, social media, and newsletters.

Chair – Haley Oleynik (
Committee Members
Dr. Cynthia Lewis


The Funding Committee works closely with other committees to identify financial need and find financial support for AMLC activities including Scientific Meetings and student awards.

Chair – Victor Galvan (

Committee Members
Michael Middlebrooks
John Parkinson


The Membership Committee works with the Membership Director to track, support, engage, and increase institutional and individual AMLC members. The Committee develops a plan for finding and approaching potential members, including: development of a list of Caribbean marine labs; developing a list of contacts for each; developing a list of current Association members who have contacts with non-member institutions; contacting and encouraging new institutional members.

Chair – Dr. Anna Becker (